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The software will not "hard" intelligent home appliance landing

"Intelligent for enterprises is a cruel test, in its impact, the next 10 years China's TV brand will not be more than three to five home." Hisense group chairman of the board ZhouHouJian have revealed to the media. gateway md7000 series laptop cpu fan All the time, consumers for intelligent electrical appliances have very high expectations and attention, but intelligent degree of landing but let people disappointed.

The purpose of intelligence is that users get more information, a variety of function will be based on a product, make our products more flexible, rich in human element, change the common people in the past the same time must see the same content form, to the user more free space. Throughout many TV or supporting new product, with "smart" as the theme, introduced many new functions, but to a gateway md7801 series laptop cpu fan certain extent, but can not realize these functions, let the consumer feel a bit less than intelligent. The author understands, in the domestic brands, intelligent TV unicom rate only less than 60%, this is also the foreign market commonly problems faced. That is bought intelligent television intelligent when ordinary TV use.

The author thinks that, intelligent home appliance hard landing mainly depends on the relevant software not to "hard", three net fusions progress is slow, the internal telecom and the interests of the radio and television system not very good balance. Thus caused the intelligent TV overall unicom rate on the low side of the situation. After all in intelligent TV application development, China's progress and global keeps consistent, basic it is just starting. So far, transplanted into the mobile phone application on television has not appeared yet commercial successful cases, hd, baimiao, many people share TV advantage has not yet play, this is television APP gateway md2601 series laptop cpu fan(application) the foundation of development. Although the prospect is considerable, but to attract developers, in view of the intelligent TV characteristic development APP still need a very long time. Therefore, in the present blindly hype intelligent concept is no use, only truly relevant software development mature, the real loading in hardware equipment can call the intelligent TV.

Indeed, in the intelligent age has just opened today, TV as the carrier of customer experience, thoroughly get rid of hardware as the guidance of the traditional model, we must stress the content and services. But the future can only TV competition, not only the terminal product competition, but also the "platform + software + content" integrated competition. Consumer demand was very gateway md2614u series laptop cpu fan simple, buy intelligent TV is blunt intelligent, if hardware of loading the intelligent function, but its function but because the software supporting not mature and can't use up, intelligent TV also is equivalent to a computer.

To see three net fusions, review the United States in the s and s began to develop three net fusions experience, the key point lies in with the integration of industrial base. Even if operators don't want to operation, industry oneself will also through various channels, such as computer network of automation, communication network of mass data storage, etc., to realize the fusion. America's three net fusion is leading by the enterprise and investment, the determining factor lies in the industry and the development of the market and needs. So the author thinks that China's three net fusion also should be focusing on radio and television industry and telecom industry how to face the penetration of the entity industry, and finally can in the oil, steel and other large industrial level to realize fall to the ground. So, an independent regulators is gateway md7808 series laptop cpu fan necessary, however, due to system trouble, in the concrete implement still exists a lot of problems. In addition, China's telecommunications business has been difficult to clearly defined. And foreign focuses on management performance of different structure, China's telecom industry is the development of the whole business, some new business such as cloud computing, etc., it is difficult to be in the telecommunications act reflect, this is the fusion of three nets have been introduced to the real reason.

Therefore, the author suggests, above all countries should establish a higher than work letter department and administration of radio, film and television, similar to the "three nets fusion committee of experts" such institutions. Second, to do a good job in basic research, summarizes ten years in China three net fusions development experience and lessons, and at the same time, look to the future may encounter such as investment waste, redundant construction, technical gateway md7811u series laptop cpu fan excursion of risk. Third, establish a beneficial to three net fusion process development of laws and regulations, for the whole project construction to escort. Of course, people still want to keep an optimistic attitude, the real intelligent the arrival of the era of still need a long process, because the system and the profound changes in the industry level, can't be in between overnight finish, also cannot only rely on government promulgated policy and file to solve. But, three net fusions once "practical" be born, will be for people's life bring true convenient and quick.

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Don't pull plug usb flash disk to enable usb flash disk method

In the use of usb flash disk in the process acer aspire one a150 1068 laptop keyboard ©, if you "safety is deleted hardware" didn't put U disk pulled out, suddenly remind us to continue to use usb flash disk, what would you do? Usually are pulled out heavy plug. Do you have a simple way? Have! But first say a more complex:
In the "my computer" on right click - "attribute" -- "hardware" -- "device manager" -- -- -- in the list expansion "universal serial bus controller" - in the "USB Root Hub" on right click select "disable" -- and then right click select "enable". So your U disk came back again. (note: if there are multiple USB Root Hub, one can disable and enable try which is your U dish. Online also have the article said use USB Mass Storage Device, but I found the discontinuation, and cannot be further enable, still can prompt restart your computer. The following are for the USB Root Hub) U panel mounting system

But so troublesome things who is willing to do it? So to a simple:

Use DevCon combined with batch, check it can achieve above complex operation. About DevCon, Microsoft says so:
DevCon practical tools is a command line utility, may substitute the device manager. Use DevCon, you can enable and acer aspire one a150 1178 laptop keyboard disable, restart, update, delete and inquires the single equipment or a set of equipment. DevCon also provides you with driver developers relevant, but not in the device manager saw information. DevCon can be used for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, but cannot be used for Windows 95 and Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition.

Note: down the back devcon. Exe is a zip compression bag, must release (or WinRAR). After decompression two folders, the I386 devcon. Exe is 32-bit machine use, and the Ia64 is 64 machine use. Create a new text file, the acer aspire one a150 1485 laptop keyboard input code, preservation extension to bat, and with the devcon. Exe in the same directory 1. @ echo off 2. Devcon disable @ "USB \ ROOT_HUB20\4 and 1 a2797b1 & 2" 3. Devcon enable @ "USB \ ROOT_HUB20\4 and 1 a2797b1 & 2" U disk boot
Note: the above code is to realize non-use USB device to enable. Behind that a long list of things to your own revision, the method is in "USB Root Hub" on right click select "properties", then select the "detailed information", with "equipment example ID" replace the above code can be. Finally, noted that the "@" and double quotation marks, this is the key to success!

You can also like this: another: "equipment example ID" can use wildcard "*", it represents any character. For instance you write a acer aspire one a150 1649 laptop keyboard devcon disable @ "USB *", all USB devices (such as USB keyboard, mouse, etc.) will be disabled off.

Well, after the first paragraph meet, just click batch can restart the U disk

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Pod2g new holes or iOS 5.1.2 in a few days to come

The exact said, is not this new holes, but the latest was found vulnerabilities. Not long ago, iOS hackers pod2g through the ibm lenovo thinkpad sl400c series laptop cpu cooling fan Twitter and personal blog announced: find a start from the first generation of iPhone already exists, until the latest iOS 6 Beta4 haven't got the repair security vulnerabilities, and remind iPhone user attention unknown the authenticity of the message, and at the same time also expressed the apple in the iOS 6 official version repair this loophole expectations.

Let us review before the news: a new generation of iPhone will be released on September 12,. In other words, if rumours on the spectrum, iOS 6 official version will be in this time (or new iPhone day of listing) open download. From ibm lenovo thinkpad sl500 series laptop cpu cooling fan the time, the apple to drag to nearly a month before repair this serious loophole seems unlikely, because for this company, it "system security" has always been their proud capital.

Pod2g will personally help apple to solve the leak? Very likely, because he once said "into the apple work is the goal of life". But even if pod2g didn't have a chance to participate in one of the repair work, a team years of hard work by a list soldier combat hackers living "dozen face", which makes the ibm lenovo thinkpad sl500c series laptop cpu cooling fan apple humiliatory holes can also exist how long? Perhaps some people will say that, in the iOS 6 Beta5 repair of not knot? Anyway the official version also didn't how long.

But the truth is, iOS 6 beta is only for those who like delicious jabuticaba Popsicle friend trial, common consumption is still the iOS 5 give priority to. You can imagine, a serious threat to the public vulnerability in the condition of known also the ibm lenovo thinkpad t400 series laptop cpu cooling fan renewal "catch me if you can" for up to a month time? Of course, no one can guess the idea of apple. No matter pod2g found holes in iOS 5.1.2, iOS 6 beta 5, or of the final version of the iOS 6 get repair, all is the apple for consumers to explain.

If you for the ibm lenovo thinkpad t410 series laptop cpu cooling fan security of the system is very care, nature is hope iOS 5.1.2 early arrival rather than iOS 6, isn't it?,win7-you-don-t-know-the-mouse-wheel-magical-effec.html

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How to do the notebook computer keyboard can't use

1, notebook computer keyboard can't use may be BIOS inside the usb keyboard hp g61-203tu laptop keyboard or set a, to be closed, open the Settings, or directly recovery BIOS "factory Settings", save restart;

2, notebook computer keyboard hp g61-204tu laptop keyboard can't use is notebook motherboard chip driver or usb chip driver didn't installed, use notebook own driver CD, or "drive life" software networking update drive, can;

The notebook computer keyboard can't use, laptop keyboard whole solution

1 key process

Refers to the fingers will be key nature will go down when can sink distance, notebook computer keyboard key process for an average of 2.50 ~ 3.0 mm or so. And this is closely related with the keyboard hp g61-300ca laptop keyboard height, and then affect the thickness of the machine. Key process longer notebook can give users bring close to desktop keyboard feelings, if key path is shorter, the user will feel the keyboard on the comparative send acerbity, easy to produce the feeling of fatigue. Key path length is mainly composed of the keyboard stand height and springback rubber effective compression range decision.

2 the springback

Refers to key in typematic key cap when resistance resulted from the feeling, it and key process has the very big relations, key path is moderate, rebound strength is also very comfortable, no messy feeling, both such reasonable fit can give users bring the most comfortable feel.

Three key distance

Two adjacent key the distance between the same position. It is also decided to keyboard is one of the key factors. Desktop keyboard hp g61-301tu laptop keyboard key distance is generally in the 19 ~ 19.5 mm or so, such key distance can also be called "the full size keyboard".

Four key cap

Is everybody hand typing keyboard top those bunches of square. Its material and shape can also influence the user's experience. Keyboard key cap the lettering on the printing process is good or bad will directly affect the keyboard beautiful handwriting and the degree of wear resistance. A lot of the keyboard to ensure perfect handle, key cap will use printing technology, but the words keyboard hp g61-302tu laptop keyboard in use for a long time after may be wear off. If the user for printing out key cap text not sensitive, can consider to use key hat sticker this product will be key cap protected, very convenient.

5 floor

Is the keyboard of the bottom, a solid floor is a good keyboard is indispensable.

6 the human body engineering keyboard

Keyboard market research shows that, the human body engineering keyboard in the standard keyboard admiral fingering provisions left key area and the right hand key area these two plates parted, and forms a certain Angle. Intermediate separation keyboard can make the user's hand and wrist is relatively relaxed, in a natural state. This will prevent and effectively reduce wrist muscle strain. One the human engineering design good keyboard hp g61-303tu laptop keyboard, give full consideration to the human body needs, for often use the keyboard's friends, it is also very important, it can direct reduce our fatigue strength, realize more convenient, more comfortable operation

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Remove the notebook computer skills and precautions

Have a lot of friends reflect a laptop computer disassembly of problems are hp envy 15-1000 laptop keyboard already down to certain steps, a connecting cables will not open; Have a plenty of in the assembly, don't know how to connect the line; Still have, facing the different length, dozens of different specifications of screw cap was dumbfounded...... When compared to the desktop, laptop computers remove more difficult, for not familiar with the laptop the internal structure of the friend that is even more so. Here is some laptop disassembly of speaking skills and note, and I hope to help.

Open machine routine process reviews:

1, first remove the base (D plane) all screw, including battery warehouse the screw, small base if can take down he took, memory, and hard drive also suggested that took down;

2, but turned to face the keyboard hp envy 15-1000se laptop keyboard (C surface), take down the keyboard, and then put the screws under keyboard under the light;

Three, can separate the C and D face face, already face shell and base of separation keyboard, internal motherboard is exposed.

Screw: a small box of classification, the corresponding put on spectrum position

Notebook to transform hp envy 15-1001tx laptop keyboard or if the depth maintenance, often need to 70% ~ 80% level of dissembling, would "was born out of the" long, short a lot of screw, sometimes as many as 30 more than one. If you stacked them on together, finally you pack back would collapse-this is a lot of early and often make the machine user error. So, to screw classified, is very important.

Some people like to put the screws according to the length of classification, and then write down what position which one to use the length of the screw. But this memory is too hard, because some length of hp envy 15-1001xx laptop keyboard screw might apply to the different part, the different layers of the more places; Conversely, the same components and there may be a need for two to three kinds of length of the screw. Overall for an ideal way is "the little box of classification, position corresponding put".

First of all, prepared three small plastic boxes, all labeled as two-side glue, and be put "bottom" were "C face" "motherboard," because, compared to laptop taken apart, the three places are "battleground", is also the hp envy 15-1002tx laptop keyboard most place screws, and mainstream notebook is basically is to open in this order of the machine.

Secondly, in the great after the completion of the classification, if you want to pursue perfect, still can make a more elaborate classification, such as the "bottom" into "the base of" and "battery warehouse internal" two boxes, so more strong sense of position. If the mainboard have multilayer, can each hp envy 15-1002xx laptop keyboard layer will use a small box, and corresponding labeling.

On the basis of the above two points, and a technique, is down in the machine when, remove the screw in the position in accordance with, in a small box in "registration put". Namely: the fuselage of the screw on the inside of the box the bottom left corner of the central is put in the central, and so on.

If it is to remove the screw with components,hp envy 15-1003tx laptop keyboard such as Mini PCI E wireless module, then the corresponding screw followed this equipment put, so when installation, is easy to distinguish out.

Further reading: from the screw see personal design

In many case bottom, will be in the keyboard, cd-rom of equipment such as fixed screw side leave marks, the convenient user hp envy 15-1007ev laptop keyboard identification and removed the equipment maintenance. Usually, can through these symbols to judge which screw holes of the screws on the is a kind.

We appreciate the most marked design is all the diameter and length or screw type, so each dissembling phase of the screw will not have to control notebook hp envy 15-1007tx laptop keyboard corresponding place put, and save a trouble.

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